San Cai Arts School

San Cai Arts school is located in Edison NJ. We offer a wide range of art programs, classes and events to both kids and adults.

Founded in 2009 by renowned artist David Dong and wife Jenny Dong, San Cai arts school has been serving art education to communities in NJ around our Edison office. Conveniently located in central NJ, we have students from all over New Jersey to attend our classes and events.

Programs & Classes

Our programs and classes include college and high school portfolio preparation, drawing, oil painting, dancing, summer camp and summer schools. Our programs emphasize teaching students the fundamental concepts of arts and solid skills of creating arts. We believe taking the time and effort to build a solid foundation is critical in a student’s path of learning arts.

In our classes, students will learn the basics of line, shape, color, color relationships, composition, perspective, etc. After each student has developed these basic skills, we would encourage and guide them to discover their own artistic styles to best express themselves.

Activities & Events

We also offer summer art camps in which students would spend a week or so outdoors, working on plein air paintings. Our summer art camps are usually hosted at farms, resorts and seashore, where there are plenty of beautiful scenes to paint. Kids who attend our summer art camps will not only have the opportunity to learn arts, they will also enjoy the outdoors.

Our art events offer various activities that bring people together to socialize and have fun. Events include karaoke, painting party, plein air workshops, art appreciation seminars, art contests and shows, etc.