A R T  S C H O O L  &  G A L L E R Y
for artists of all levels of experience

In this difficult and trying time,

San Cai Arts hopes everyone is staying safe and healthy

For safety, all in-person classes are temporarily paused.

For your enjoyment, we are introducing new online classes!

Check them out here!

A T  S A N C A I  A R T S

Lead by Master Dong Ming, students are taken on a journey 

of creating art that is a true reflection of their soul.


Providing a formal, complete education system,
and a series of lively, interesting and practical programs, Sancai Arts
helps develop the imagination of students at various levels of expertise.
Under a step-by-step teaching, they unknowingly gain
virtues such as peace, benevolence, and perseverance. 
Allowing students to follow their heart and vision
which ultimately leads to the creation of their masterpiece.